High competition volleyball net


The net is made of high tenacity polypropylene knotless construction (Raschel system). The thickness of the thread net is 3 mm with a width of 100 mm in square configuration.

The total dimensions of the net are 9.500 mm x 1.000 mm.

The net has a PVC band along top and bottom, and a black polyester band along the the sides.

It includes the following accessories:

  • Cable of 3 x 5 mm laminated in plastic (15 meters in length).
  • 6 anchors, buckle, 6 mm string in ppm, clamp and plastic tensor, on each side.
  • Stiffening fiberglass rod of 8 mm on each side.


High competition volleyball net PY210 (One unit of Official volleyball competition net (high resistant polyamide))


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