Portable bleachers

GT34262 - GT34022

MONDO portable standard bleachers are compatible with both indoor and outdoor conditions. They are manufactured in a three-row structure with wheels at the back, and a capacity of 12 spectators (four spectators in each row, considering a 0,5 m space for each one).

The bleacher structure is made of several metal parts built in steel squared profile. Once all assembled with screws, the complete structure has the necessary stiffness to withstand spectator load.

The steel used is of S235JR quality. When the complete steel structure has been welded, it is submitted to a zinc treatment (hot-dip galvanizing process) that completely coats it. The zinc coat keeps the structure completely protected against humidity and outdoor conditions.

By pulling the structure up from the front part, the whole bleacher module can stand on wheels. When completely vertical, the bleacher can be moved and stored in a different location. To return it to use position it should be operated the other way back: swing the bleacher module toward the front until it can rest on the support feet, once completely horizontal.

All screws are also submitted to a zinc treatment of 6.8 quality mínimum.

There are black plastic pieces located at the end of each steel pipe, to prevent dirt or water accumulation inside.

The platforms used as corridors are made of aluminum with anti-slip surface and are supported by the steel structure.

The bleachers can be manufactured with two kinds of seats:

  • Mondoseat 2
  • Phenolic White board bench

In both designs the bleachers include a rear bar on the highest row, very useful when they are not placed against a wall.



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