Sport Facilities

It’s your vision. Your dream sports facility. You want it to be the best. MONDO is right there for you. We cover all aspects of the design, construction and service of your sports facility, from conception through fruition. This includes knowing the standards and regulations of each country and federation  to quickly and accurately acquire all necessary certifications and approvals. It means offering you outstanding MONDO products, from surfaces and seating to equipment and scoreboards, and installing everything by experts in their fields. In addition, our attentive customer service takes you through every stage of the project with confidence. In short, you can rely on MONDO to deliver everything you need to build a great athletic facility—your dream sports facility—starting from scratch.


The ultimate venues for exciting sports events.

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Street Events

Taking the Olympic spirit to the streets.

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Multipurpose Sports Modules

Outdoor sport.

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Collegiate Venues

The best conditions to grow talent.

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Rec Centers

Complete sports experiences for everyone.

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