Stadium design needs to take into account athletic performance, fan comfort, regulatory requirements and needed certifications. From the first design meeting to the official grand opening, you can rely on MONDO to consider all aspects of your stadium and equip it with everything you need, from the athletic track and the synthetic turf infield, to the scoreboard and spectator seating, for a first-rate facility.

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surfaces for Track & Field

Mondotrack WS

Speed is a relative concept. Victory is not.

Variable hydraulic banking tracks

Innovation and prestige run together

Seating System

Monoblock Seating

Mondoseat 4


Mondoseat 6


Mondoseat ICE 2006


Mondoseat Novanta/0


Mondoseat Novanta/1


Mondoseat Novanta/2


Mondoseat Novanta/3


Mondoseat Novanta/3.40


Mondoseat Novanta/35


Mondoseat Novanta/5


Foldable Seating

MS Mondoseat 9


Mondoseat 5


Mondoseat G2007 Floor


Mondoseat G2007 Shell


Mondoseat G2007 Wall


Mondoseat ICE 2006 T


Mondoseat Novanta/4 COLLECTIVA


Mondoseat Novanta/4 SHELL


Mondoseat Novanta/4 SPORT


Outdoor Tribunes

Outdoor dismountable bleacher




Indoor and Outdoor LED solutions for every sport facility.



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