MONDO vulcanized rubber flooring

When training, having the right sports flooring is essential: especially when we're talking about explosive training.

Explosive training is a new type of athletic training that involves intense movements and lifting with very heavy weights and numerous and rapid repetitions. This is an increasingly popular trend training used as athletic preparation for various sports, where powerful and at the same time fast movements are required.

Volleyball, soccer, basketball and track and field are just a few examples. Many sports require maximum strength generated in the shortest possible time and the goal of explosive training is precisely this: to improve this ability through "explosive" exercises that include squats, box jumps, lunges, sprints, push-ups and leaps made with the use of weights, dumbbells or barbells to make the exercise even more intense and emphasize the movement and training of the muscles.

MONDO, which has been accompanying athletes for many years in their preparation for competitions and official matches, knows how important it is to train on a surface that meets their needs. This means that the right sport flooring is one that assists athletes in their movements, maximizing their performance and, at the same time, ensuring their comfort and safety.

And this is why MONDO vulcanized rubber flooring is the most suitable stage on which to practice even these types of so-called "explosive" exercises.

Why MONDO vulcanized rubber flooring is suitable for explosive training

When athletes train, they need a surface that absorbs the impact of their movements in the right way but that also gives them the right energy and momentum.

For example, athletes who use sprints as part of their explosive training need the right combination of shock absorption and energy return. A MONDO sports surface that is often used for dedicated sprint lanes in gyms and weight rooms is designed for just this purpose. The Sportflex Super X 720 athletic track surface designed by MONDO: thanks to the combination of the upper rubber layer with the lower layer of air-filled cells, it guarantees full shock absorption, energy storage and immediate kinetic response; it also reduces athlete fatigue and the risk of trauma.

These requirements are also valid for the exercises practiced in the explosive training where the vertical force impressed by the athlete on the surface, is more intense than a traditional physical exercise.

This implies that the flooring on which a workout of this type takes place, must have a potential for even greater shock absorption, so as to ensure the proper return of force to the athlete without weighing on limbs and joints. Mondo's vulcanized rubber flooring, such as MondoArmor Strength, Sport Impact and Ramflex, meet all of these requirements.

MondoArmor Strength, for example, offers a solid and comfortable base for intense sporting activity with high loads.

It is composed of three layers of vulcanized rubber: the superficial one, which resists abrasion; the intermediate one, which absorbs shock and load stress; and the under-layer, which cushions the impact and returns the energy generated. This three-layer system provides real support for those who must perform intense, fast, repetitive movements and lifts.

Similarly, Mondo's Sport Impact flooring, with a double layer of vulcanized rubber, is designed to withstand "explosive" workouts and heavy loads. In fact, the bottom layer absorbs shock evenly while the top layer, thanks to a non-porous embossed texture, offers maximum stability to athletes, who can then move quickly on the surface, safely performing their sprints and explosive exercises.

Finally, there is Ramflex flooring. A double layer floor made of vulcanized rubber, resistant to wear and heavy loads and the perfect combination of shock absorption and energy return.

The surface layer, moreover, has a hammered finish: this means greater grip for the athlete during intense exercise and, consequently, optimized grip and maximum stability.

In conclusion, all these movements performed at maximum speed with maximum strength and aimed at developing greater physical resistance, find perfect support in MONDO rubber flooring; and only with a suitable platform on which to train, can we speak of truly high-performance and safe explosive training.

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