What is FIBA Equipment & Venue and what does it do?

FIBA Equipment & Venue is a body that establishes the standards sports courts must meet for basketball competitions.

As basketball’s popularity surged, attracting fans all over the world, the FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre was established in 1993. Its objective was, and is, to increase the number, quality and safety of sports facilities for all levels of basketball competition. FIBA takes into consideration the needs of the athletes, the public, and the media, which continue to expand over time.

FIBA Equipment & Venue body is responsible for determining the quality criteria for the facilities and equipment used in level 1, 2, and 3 competitions, as well as for approving the various products used during the games. The products must be examined by a recognized and qualified certification institute (approved by the Equipment & Venue Centre) based on FIBA’s minimum requirements. Once approval is received, the products can be given the Equipment & Venue Centre logo.

Basketball hoops, electronic scoreboards, sports floors

The Equipment & Venue Centre develops the quality criteria for equipment including basketball hoops, balls, electronic scoreboards, electrical and electronic systems, video systems, seats, and synthetic and wooden sports flooring. It has more than 80 official partners and collaborators that support this effort.

The organization prepares the guides that teach the sporting facility managers about the criteria for product evaluation and approved vendors, to ensure that gyms and sports facilities are properly equipped. FIBA also offers support to anyone who wants to find a ready-to-use facility to host top-level basketball games.

The FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre also periodically holds meetings with its partners and collaborators to evaluate the criteria or consider new guidelines.