Sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres: why choose MONDO rubber flooring?

Why are MONDO rubber floors suitable for rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres?

Rehabilitation centres and physiotherapy facilities generally have state-of-the-art equipment and are run by professionals. The quality of the equipment and the experience of the staff in these places are important, but there are also other elements that contribute to creating an environment conducive to healing and recovery, such as sports flooring.

When designing a rehabilitation centre or physiotherapy facility, designers should consider the impact that all elements of the facility may have on patients and staff: an approach to the design and management of rehabilitation facilities that not only places the user at the centre, but also considers the user as a subject interacting not only with therapies and treatments, but also with their surroundings.

The Evidence Based Design (EBD) Approach has precisely this objective: to investigate how the spatial and functional characteristics of the environment in which the patient is housed can contribute to accelerating the course of treatment.

The most important objectives of the EBD include:

  • Patient and staff safety
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Fewer medical errors
  • Rapid patient recovery
  • Excellent patient outcomes
  • Positive patient and family experiences
  • High cost efficiency, including initial costs and maintenance

The choice of flooring is a key point in EBD-based design.

Several types of flooring are available for rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres, including PVC, linoleum and rubber flooring. Mondo provides rubber and PVC flooring that supports the objectives of the EBD approach to design; Sport Impact and Ramflex, consisting of a double layer of vulcanized rubber and the Powerplay™ range of rubber flooring, prefabricated sports flooring based on natural rubber, can be evaluated by designers as a choice for flooring within rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres.

EBD and MONDO rubber flooring: shared objectives

The objectives of EBD design can be summarised in one concept: to guarantee the best possible environment for patients and staff in rehabilitation centres.

How to achieve this goal involves a number of important elements, among which the choice of the most suitable flooring to meet EBD requirements is of particular importance.

Apart from PVC or linoleum flooring, rubber is one of the most suitable materials because it is more resistant to bacteria, non-slip, wear-resistant, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.

This is why MONDO's Sport Impact, Ramflex and Powerplay™ rubber floor coverings meet all the requirements for installation in rehabilitation centres.

To complete the profile, there is the green element and the attention to the health of the users: the surfaces are also made from natural and/or recycled materials and are produced in a low environmental impact factory. In addition, MONDO rubber flooring complies with the most stringent requirements for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold (UL) certified: installing sports surfaces with low VOC emissions means actively contributing to good air quality.

The advantages of MONDO rubber flooring for sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy centres

Rubber flooring has become the most popular choice for the sector and all its environments. Sport Impact, Ramflex and Powerplay are examples of how these types of materials and the cutting-edge technology developed by MONDO fulfil all the required characteristics.  

In fact, MONDO rubber surfaces are:

  • Optimal for resistance to impact, cuts and indentation: Sport Impact has a top layer as thick as 3 millimetres, enabling it to withstand wear and tear and intense loads in an excellent way. Ramflex, likewise, has a 2-millimetre rubber surface layer that is durable, shock-absorbent and able to withstand the weight of equipment and machinery. The bottom layer resists impact and ensures uniform stability for everyone who moves on these surfaces (doctors, patients and wheelchair users).
  • Non-slip: Sport Impact, Ramflex and Powerplay™, thanks to their non-porous surface layer, provide optimal grip for all uses (barefoot, with shoes or in a wheelchair) and offer a stable, non-slip and perfectly safe surface.
  • Sound-absorbent: Sport Impact and Ramflex, thanks to their double layer of thick rubber, better absorb the impact of footsteps and machinery on the surface. In this way, noise is reduced to a minimum and the environment is more comfortable for the patient. The Powerplay range in combination with the stabilising and shock-absorbing Everlay® sheet also guarantees excellent levels of shock absorption and soundproofing.
  • Durable: the quality of the material itself will last over time, as it is resistant to wear and tear and weight.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Like all rubber floor coverings, the Powerplay™, Sport Impact and Ramflex range of floor coverings can be easily cleaned because they feature bacteriostatic and non-porous surfaces. All you need to do is use water and a pH-neutral detergent to clean them.
  • Environmentally friendly: Sport Impact, Ramflex and Powerplay™ are green surfaces because they are made partly from selected recycled materials and produced in an environmentally friendly plant, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 certification. These floor coverings have Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certifications (confirming minimal emissions of volatile organic compounds) and an environmental product declaration. The implementation of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certifications allow us to objectively document their sustainable environmental impact. In addition, they do not contain any chemicals that are banned or assessed under the European REACH regulation (list of substances of very high concern). For the Powerplay™ range, the biobased carbon content is around 25% of total carbon and includes more than 5% recycled materials free of contaminants not from used tyres and 10% rapidly renewable rubber; the surface layer is vulcanised to a load-bearing substrate free of organic pigments and containing up to 20% recycled material.
  • Resistant to bacteria: Vulcanised rubber flooring is waterproof and non-porous, so it does not absorb sweat, liquids or dirt. This breaks the chain of bacterial growth, because it eliminates the presence of moisture and makes it quick and easy to remove dirt - and thus the food on which the bacteria feed. Vulcanised rubber flooring does not rot and does not need any antibacterial or protective treatment to remain waterproof. In tests carried out according to ISO 22196, they show excellent natural antibacterial characteristics without the presence of biocide ingredients inside.
  • Versatile: Sport Impact, Ramflex and Powerplay™ are available in a wide range of colours (plain, marbled, dotted) and finishes (smooth, hammered, embossed) to best suit each project and thus ensure aesthetic continuity with the structure; all product families feature different sizes and thicknesses to suit different functional and design requirements; Ramflex is also available in the Interlock version with interlocking plates; this solution allows for quick and easy application and removal procedures and is an ideal solution for renovations, high humidity conditions and temporary applications.

Large product offering

The MONDO product range also includes other sports flooring suitable for specific rehabilitation functions, such as Training Turf and Mondotrack Inlaid.

Training Turf is a synthetic grass solution combined with a shock-absorbing underlay, characterised by integrated inlays; the product is designed to combine softness and resistance: the shock-absorbing underlay allows the system to withstand even significant traction movements, while the formulation of the filaments that make up the surface layer reduces abrasiveness to a minimum. 

Mondotrack Inlaid sports flooring has been designed for athletic training and strengthening, suitable for sprinting and jumping exercises. The surface is reminiscent of the iconic athletics tracks produced by our company, the official supplier of athletics tracks from the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games to the present day, the product provides the right mix of energy return, shock absorption and comfort.

The MONDO range of sports floors are therefore suitable for inclusion in the design of sports rehabilitation centres because they are a guarantee of quality, safety and comfort; they also meet the various design and rehabilitation requirements of the users.

MONDO can help you build your rehabilitation centre by providing safe, innovative and user-friendly flooring: contact us to request a quote.