A second portable banked track for the city of Albuquerque

From Alba… with a peculiarity!

Dec 15, 2020

Albuquerque plays a particularly important role in the world of US athletics due to the many national sporting events it hosts. In view of the January 2021 meetings, the city contacted us for the construction of a new portable banked athletics track. Usually, this type of track requires a pre-assembly carried out by Mondo specialized technicians at the delivery site. In this case, to circumvent possible delays in shipments caused by the global emergency, the pre-assembly phase was carried out near our headquarters in Alba, Piedmont. With this little trick, all the components of the track will be delivered on time and, thanks to the familiarity already acquired in the past by the US technicians, the track will be assembled in time for the January events. Discover our first collaboration with Albuquerque: the creation, in 2012, of the portable banked track for the University of new Mexico: swipe the gallery here!