First boccia medals

The pairs and team finals will be held today. The quarter finals get underway in wheelchair basketball

Sep 4, 2012

The first medals will be awarded today in the boccia tournament. In the Mixed Pairs BC4 category, Brazil and the Czech Republic will be battling it out for gold, while Great Britain and Canada will play the final for the bronze. In the Mixed Pairs BC3 category, Portugal will take on Greece for the gold medal, and South Korea will play against Belgium for the bronze. In the Mixed Team BC1-2 category, Thailand will take on China for the gold, while Portugal will challenge Great Britain for the bronze. The last games of the qualifying rounds of the wheelchair basketball tournaments were held yesterday. In the men's tournament, all predictions made turned out as expected with the two favorite teams, Australia and Canada, who completed their rounds without a single defeat. In the Group A standings, the Australians are followed by Turkey, United States and Spain. In Group B, the Canadians are ahead of Germany, Great Britain and Poland. The pairings for the quarter finals, scheduled for Wednesday, September 5 are: Australia-Poland, Germany-USA, Canada-Spain, Turkey-Great Britain. In the women's tournament, Group A was won by Australia, thanks to their success in the last game of the round against Holland, now  in second place; third place for Canada and fourth place for Great Britain. In Group B, excellent performance by Germany, who completed the round with full marks ahead of the United States, China and Mexico. The standings have resulted in the following pairings for the quarter finals scheduled today: Australia-Mexico, USA-Canada, Holland-China, Germany-Great Britain.