World Championships
Time period: March 7th to 9th, 2014
Athletes participating: 587
Participating countries: 141
Number disciplines: 26

Ergo Arena
Start of construction: 2007
Opening: August 2010
Capacity: 15,000 spectators

IAAF World Athletics Championships

The world of Sopot will be remembered, not only for the excellent results obtained by sports athletes, but also for another peculiarity: the track which was installed on a substructure that was raised three meters.


A track never seen before

From March 7-9,  2014, the Polish city of Sopot hosted the fifteenth edition of the World Championships Indoor Athletics. The competitions were held in the Ergo Arena, which for this occasion has undergone a profound transformation. "From a technical standpoint, the arena of Sopot is a building designed for ice hockey, and thus has the pitch of the stands were adjusted, especially the front rows. This has created some concern by the IAAF regarding the visibility of the track during the competition so it was decided to raise the track by three meters, "says Claudio Gonella, the Export Division of Mondo Sports & Flooring. Organizers and technicians have had to then deal with and resolve critical issues and often very specific.

An excellent coordination

To raise the track a three-meter high structure was built on which to place the frame of the Mondo portable Modultrack banked track, a decision that has complicated the whole process of installation and saw the colloboration of the Mondo technical team to effectively coordinate the whole project. "Our work has had to be combined with that for the realization of the first base structure. There were several meetings with the organizing committee, the designers and our dealers to be able to meet the deadlines established at the time of the contract. We had to adapt to this situation and there was a lot of coordination, "recalls Claudio Gonella. When the first half of the base structure was completed, the Mondo materials were in place waiting to be installed. The installation of the track was started only when the property was completely closed and the Mondo technical team could undertake the work. Everything happened with an excellent combination of timing between the operators involved. "Our job has been to coordinate all the logistics, equipment and manpower to have all the material above the basic structure before it was closed. Another challenge was to conceive the track respecting the IAAF, having considered that the installation was made on a substructure of metal and wood, "adds Robert Sienkiewicz, Project Manager Tamex company, which partnered with Mondo in this project 

A track for two arenas

The project that led to the creation of the athletics track of the Ergo Arena took almost three years to materialize, with some schedule changes that occurred during construction. The indoor tracks, in fact, originally should have been two, one for the World Championships in Sopot and a fixed in the city of Torun, also in Poland. About a year and a half before the start of the World Championships, the municipalities of Sopot and Torun had signed a preliminary agreement between them, and the contract of all the work fell under the town of Torun.  Being defined by procurement contracts, the track designed for Torun was requested by the town of Sopot to be adapted and mounted in the Ergo Arena for the World indoor athletics. "First we had to check the total size of the track, because in the city of Torun was already defined conformation, which also included some construction works supplied. Verified that the track came into the hall in Sopot, we made a configuration change, shifting the position of the long jump and the pole vault. The organizing committee has requested a shape as similar as possible to that of the track made in Istanbul on the occasion of the 2012 World Indoor Athletics Championships, "recalls Claudio Gonella. The track of Sopot was dismantled the day after the conclusion of the World Championships and will be reassembled by Mondo, with the supervision of the Polish Federation of Athletics, in the hall of Torun, training center of the national level, by the end of April 2014. "The entire project is the result of a public tender for the arena of Torun. With an agreement, but the city has entrusted the project to the city of Sopot. Our company, Tamex Obiekty Sportowe SA, won the public tender and decided to pursue the project in cooperation with the Mondo, "says Robert Sienkiewicz.

Solution Mondo Modultrack

The structure of a portable banked track is normally not resting on a second underlying structure, but is placed on a substrate, in most cases cement. In Sopot, the central area of ​​the track did not presented any particular problems, while the oval, formed by a wooden platform and metal raised in correspondence of the curves, on which was glued surface Mondo Super X, it has been installed on the 3 meter high base structure. "The central area of ​​the track has been installed directly on the floor to the substrate. For the outer ring, however, the frame of the Modultrack was resting on the substructure.  The two superimposed structures of wood and metal could cause problems, "said Claudio Gonella," but at the end of the competitions we received numerous praise, both for the stability of the track, and the absence of noise and vibration during the competitions. " In addition to the track surfaces, Mondo provided the warm-up track and equipment, customized with the look of the event. ***

The stars of Sopot 2014

Coming to the sporting event, the medal of the Indoor World Championships in Athletics saw classified in first place the United States, with eight gold medals, two silvers and two bronzes. Many were athletes who are highlighted in this edition of the world, from the US 4x400 relay (Clemons, Verburg, Butler and Smith), who with a time of 3'01 "13 set a new world record. Other records, and the best seasonal performance, have been made in other disciplines: the British Richard Kitty has established his own record in the 60 meters, running in 6 "49; in the 400 m, the Czech Pavel Maslak won and set a new national record with 45 "24; in the 60 m hurdles, the American Omo Osaghae clocked the fastest time of the season running 7"45; in the pole vault, the greek Kostadinos Filippidis made his best jump of the season with 5.80 m. Asian record instead for the Qatari Mutaz Essa Barshim in the high jump, with the measurement of 2.83 m; national record for the Brazilian Mauro Vinicius da Silva in the long jump, with the measure of 8.28 m. In the triple jump, the best performance of the season for the Russian Ljukman Adams, with 17.37 m; heptathlon, best performance of the season for the American Ashton Eaton, with 6632 points. In the women, great performance by the Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who raced 60 meters in 6 "98, best performance of the season. Same result for the American Chanelle Price, who has raced in the 800 m in 2'00 "09. In the 60 m hurdles, yet US players, with Nia Ali who established his personal best with a time of 7 "80. In the pole vault, the Cuban Yarisley Silva jumping 4.70 m has recorded its best performance of the year. In the high jump, gold for the Russian and Polish Kamila Marija Kucina Licwinko, who jumped 2 m; for it is the Polish national record. In the shot put, another success for the New Zealander Valerie Adams, who by throwing 20.67 meters to set the season record of discipline. In pentathlon, the Dutch Nadine Broersen set the season record of discipline and the national record with 4830 points. Great performance also for the American 4x400 m relay, who set the season record with the time 3'24"83.

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