Year: 2007
Cost: about € 7 million
Building dimensions: 12,000 square meters
Arena Dimensions: 55x48m
Capacity: 1,500 to 2,500 spectators

Sport Architecture

In 2007, the Slovakian town of Nitra was "given" a modern and multifunctional sports arena. To achieve the heart of the design inside the small arena the intervention of Mondo and its innovative solutions was called upon.


Serving the people

The decision to build the City Sports facilities Hall of Nitra arose from the desire of local authorities to provide its citizens(80,000 people), a larger sports arena which could serve especially for sports activities, but also to host concerts and other cultural events such as exhibitions and conferences. The new arena was built in 2007 by Inpek,  and the architectural studio of Barak, led by the engineer and architect Viktor Sabik. The project was fully funded by the city of Nitra, gave birth to a structure on two floors that inside houses squash courts, walls for climbing, a fitness center, a gym and a multipurpose room for various sports.

An informed choice

During the design of the new arena, particular attention was paid to the area of the arena that hosts the most important sporting events. To deal with the flooring and seats in the main hall, the architect and the investor decided to request the assistance of the Mondo,  through Koratex, its distributor in Slovakia. The designers, in fact, they were pleasantly surprised by the results of a previous installation of Mondoelastic sports flooring, which had taken place a few months prior in the sports hall of Pezinok, whose basketball team was on top of the Slovak championship in 2007. The installation of seating, Mondoseat 6 in the stands did not have to overcome any particular problems, but for the flooring installation it was necessary to proceed in a different way.

A particular solution

The complexity of the project of  the arena of Nitra involved the installation of a heating system just beneath the flooring, and not in the substrate of concrete as is usually the case. "Since the heating pipes had to be installed on the surface of the concrete, the architect had to deal with the problem of how to combine the installation of the pipes with that of hardwood flooring," says Milan Tomso of Koratex. "The Mondoelastic system proved suitable for achieving the objective, since the interval between the elastic supports underneath the  layers of wood  allowed for the installation of  the pipes".
Since the floor is resilient, it was very important to minimize the diameter of the pipes, in order to avoid a potential pressure from the wooden surface on the conduits of plastic. The problem has been successfully solved by cooperation between the architect and the technicians of Mondo and Koratex, and the heating system was installed under the flooring prior to installation of Mondoelastic, which was then laid while keeping the pipes positioned between the elastic supports.

Perfect playing conditions

Five years after installation, the heating system below the Mondoelastic flooring continues to operate without problems. The temperature is set at a stable level of 23/35 ° C, which provides some heat to the room, and for the most part is heated with an air conditioning system, and, above all, keeps the playing field always dry and at a constant temperature.

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