In their first edition, the Junior Pan American Games in Cali presented the new generation of athletes and represented over 30 sports disciplines. Among them was handball, for which MONDO supplied its Vinylsport M sports flooring.

The Pan American Games began in 1951 and since then have been one of the most important multi-sport events in America. This event also gave rise to the Junior Pan American Games, staged for the first time this year in the city of Cali, Colombia.

For ten days, the Junior Pan American Games presented to the world the new generations of athletes and emerging talents, becoming the spokesperson for a sporting identity based on determination, dedication and solidarity. An event of great value created to support the development of sport in the youth categories, in front of a large international audience.

The Games involved 41 countries, over 300 athletes and 30 sports disciplines, including handball, for which MONDO supplied its Vinylsport M sports flooring.

Vinylsport M: the sports flooring for young handball athletes

From November 25 to December 5 in Cali, the Pan American Games took place: on this occasion, a generation of young athletes and future promises of the international sports scene, played at their best and achieved incredible results.

All of them, in some way, were protagonists: some improving their performance and others climbing the podium. In addition, the athletes who took first place and won the gold medal, automatically qualified for the Pan American Games in Santiago in 2023: in short, for future rising stars, the Junior Pan American Games were an important stage to continue on a path of success. And MONDO, which has always supported athletes on their path, was able to do so on this occasion as well, offering an innovative and high-performance surface on which to play and win.

Vinylsport M is the name of the prefabricated PVC multi-layer sports flooring installed in the handball court of the Pan American Junior Games in Cali. An avant-garde flooring that responds to all the needs of this discipline: absorbing shocks and facilitating the movements of the players as they move around the area.  

The credit goes to the multi-layer PVC structure that, in addition to meeting the performance parameters in accordance with EN 14904, combines the biomechanical potential of the different layers in a single surface and transforms them into resistance to compression and support for the decisive actions of the athletes.

The surface layer is compact, wear-resistant and minimizes the risk of friction burns. In addition, it has a special embossing that ensures low coefficients of slipperiness and a surface design that prevents light from reflecting anomalously so as not to bother the players: all elements designed and developed for the athlete, to offer an optimal space in which to move at their best and without obstacles, enhancing their performance.

In particular, the PVC foam with differentiated density, favoring a progressive deformation of the layers, contributes to a better shock absorption and a faster response when the athlete presses on the surface. The result is a more controlled and faster movement, on a flooring that supports the player in every step and action on the field.

In addition, thanks to its excellent dimensional stability and non-slip base, Vinylsport M can also be installed with the sole use of adhesive tapes, without the need to glue on the screed, maintaining the performance properties of the field. These features ensure ease of assembly, disassembly and storage to meet the needs of any traveling sports event or ensure a complete multi-functionality of the arena.

This solution, also chosen at the beginning of 2021 by the Paco Paz Sports Hall of Ourense to host the finals of the Spanish Men's Indoor Hockey Championship, was the one used to set up the pavilion that hosted the handball competitions during the Pan American Junior Games, the Coliseo Ivàn Vassilev Torodov in Cali - Valle.

Just as MONDO knows how to interpret the needs of athletes, so the Junior Pan American Games succeeded in representing youth sport and all its protagonists in the best possible way, taking them to even higher levels.

The MONDO range of handball court flooring includes combined rubber, rubber and vinyl sports surface systems, certified according to the standards of the International Handball Federation. MONDO sports flooring is suitable for both high competition handball courts and multi-sport arenas and training gyms or gymnasiums.

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