Inauguration: 1969
Capacity: 21,195
Construction start new track: April 14, 2014
Inauguration of the new track: June 26, 2014
Track renovation cost: $ 1.4 million

Sport Architecture

The great experience gained from fifteen years of major events has convinced Sacramento State to continue its collaboration with Mondo, by selecting the new Mondo Super X 720 surface.


The sport in the foreground

Among the the American universities which in recent years have distinguished themselves for their commitment in improving its sports facilities, the California State University, Sacramento, deserves a prominent place. It continues to be regarded as a place of excellence in the world of athletics, the California university decided to replace the track surface Hornet Stadium. The project, which cost $ 1.4 million, involved not only the installation of a new main track, but also a two-lane track of 400m for training and all the foot traffic.  The installation began on April 14th, the installation was completed two weeks ahead of schedule, on June 26, 2014, Sacramento State was able to host on the new track the US Track & Field Championships.

Continuing with Mondo to stay on top

The "old" Mondo Super X track, installed in 1999, for 15 years has done its job perfectly. During this time hosted, multiple events among them includes, the US Olympic Trials twice (2000 and 2004), the Junior Olympics (2001) and four times the NCAA Divison I Outdoor National Championships (2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007) .

"I've always loved Mondo, as an athlete and as a coach, because Mondo is faster than on any other surface. In my eleven years at the Head Coach I have witnessed events of various types that can cause wear on a track. Yet, the Mondo Super X at Sacramento State has held up well over the years that when we decided to renew it, there were no doubts as to whether to continue with Mondo, "said Kathleen Haske, head of athletics at Sacramento State.

To replace the old track  the new Mondo Super X 720 surface was chosen. The colors chosen were the university colors, green and gold. The new track offers at a glance an extraordinary view to those entering Hornet Stadium.

The latest in circulation

"Relying on a surface that combines Mondo Super X, already widely appreciated, the new Mondotrack  hexagonal substrate it seemed like a winning move. Both surfaces, in fact, have proved to be superior both from the point of view of performance and longevity. This hybrid solution seems the best of all the Mondo products and I personally never had any doubt about that, "says Kathleen Raske.

The Hornet Stadium has thus become one of the first facilities to install the new Mondo Super X 720 surface, a choice that will enable Sacramento State to host a greater number of national competitions and reconfirm it as one of the favorite places of the American athletes. The new track is distinguished by the uniform thickness and technical characteristics which guarantee a consistent dynamic response. The complete absence of variables that could affect the pace of the race, the athlete is safeguarded against the risk of fatigue or injury. The track also ensures full control over your stride length, the race rhythm and balance, so that athletes get the most from their training sessions, with the security of being able to replicate the same results during the competition.

A temple for athletics

Home of the Olympic Trials and other important events in athletics, Sacramento State has proven over time to be the perfect place to organize athletics events of the highest level. The ideal climate, the easy access to the city, the convenient airport only 20 minutes away from the University, a large amount of hotels and the presence of fine restaurants throughout the city are extra-sporting aspects that led to success.
"Added to this are the structures inside the Sacramento State, as an entire area dedicated to the athletes in our Wellness Center, an ideal place to relax and recover from an event and the other, the presence of a great team of judges  and a commission of people choices, dedicated entirely to sports. Moreover, no one can count on an audience like ours: with Athletics, we fill the entire stadium, "recalls Kathleen Raske.

A tradition of great events, then, that thanks to the new Mondo Super X 720 track will continue: the 2017 edition of the USATF national and preliminary NCAA in 2018 having already been awarded to Sacramento State, in addition to the Big Sky conference championships of 2017. Sacramento State is also in the running to host the next Junior Olympics.

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