Training at the Estadio de Atletismo de Vecindario

The Estadio de Atletismo de Vecindario reopens and launches a renovated athletics track with a Sportflex Super X 720 surface, made by MONDO.

This is not the first time that MONDO has come to the island of Gran Canaria to work on the Vecindario stadium. In 1995, MONDO installed its first athletics track there.

Now, after more than twenty years, the stadium has been updated by starting a complete renovation of the athletics track and areas dedicated to sportsmen and women: so MONDO has signed off on the project with the installation of around 8,600 square metres of athletic flooring, 700 square metres of synthetic grass for the warm-up area and, last but not least, it is also providing the new sports equipment.
Now the work is completed, two important figures have had their say.

The President of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, who talked about a “state-of-the-art sports facility”; and Jorg Mockel, team leader of the German athletes who were training there until 16th April in preparation for the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics, defining it as one of the best in the world ever.

But what makes the Sportflex Super X 720 surface the key to the success of the Estadio de Atletismo de Vecindario?

Sportflex Super X 720: the athletic track fit for athletes

The Estadio de Atletismo de Vecindario, in the municipality of Santa Lucia de Tirajana, has always been a hub for athletics on the island of Gran Canaria, and now, with the installation of the Sportflex Super X 720 athletic sport flooring, a new chapter has begun for the sports facility and for all the athletes who will have the opportunity to train and compete on a track like this.

The German team was a vocal advocate for how the renovation of the stadium and, in particular, the new surface of the athletics track, played a part in the athletes' decision to extend their training in this facility, foreshadowing their desire to return (as early as next January) to training on this same track.

Such voices are then joined by the concrete results of other professionals who have already achieved winning results: like Kristjan Ceh who trained in Vecindario and subsequently won a gold medal at the European Under-23 Championships in Gävle, Sweden; and like Yasiel Sotero, a regular visitor to the athletics track for his training, who won the title of overall Spanish champion at the Under-23s in Badajoz.

In addition to the indisputable preparation of the athletes, the numbers and the victories only add to the technical characteristics of the athletics surfaces studied, designed and created by MONDO throughout the years, specifically for training.

The secret of the Sportflex Super X 720 resides in the combination of layers, materials and innovative techniques, guaranteeing an excellent end result. First of all, the bottom layer is made up of hexagonal air-filled cells that guarantee the athlete a set of essential factors both during training and in actual competition: we are talking about full shock absorption, energy storage and maximum return in kinetic response, plus a reduced risk of trauma and fatigue. Then there is the top layer that defines an optimal foot-surface iteration: the vulcanised rubber that makes up the surface provides maximum grip and perfect elasticity. Finally, the two layers are joined through a vulcanisation process that ensures a perfectly uniform, seamless surface.

In addition to the purely technical qualities of the track, there was also a more aesthetic aspect: the red colour that had characterised the surface until then was replaced by blue, as were the relay changeover areas, transformed into grey in order to offer better visibility to both judges and spectators watching the competitions.

The refurbishment also involved the eastern part of the track, dedicated to warming up the athletes: here Mondo supplied a new synthetic turf. Finally, the work was completed with the supply of new sports equipment.

There is no doubt that a revamped and high-performance track is a key element in athletes' training and competitions, and for this reason, together with the many achievements, expectations are growing for the Estadio de Atletismo de Vecindario.

The German Olympic athletes have already chosen it as a reference point for their training - and will do so again, and the goal for the managers is that it will soon become a beacon for high-level competition.

At the Vecindario Stadium, the Sportflex Super X 720 K39 athletics surface has been installed, the ideal athletics surface for facilities dedicated to both competition and training; but in those sports facilities where athletes wish to train on the competition surface and carry out interval and intensive training on a more comfortable version of the same surface, it is easy to combine the two variants of the Sportflex Super X 720 athletics track: the K39 and the K41.
Sportflex Super X 720 K41 is ideal for the athletic and intensive training areas of the facility.  Sportflex Super X 720 K39 is designed for traditional training (and competition) areas of the facility.

The layout of the athletics facility can easily be customised to install Sportflex Super X 720 K41 and K39 side by side, allowing athletes to have areas dedicated to interval and intensive exercises integrated with areas dedicated to practice and possibly competition.

The biomechanical characteristics of the two surfaces and the colour range will nevertheless create a seamless implant in terms of both feel and aesthetics.

Learn more about Sportflex Super X 720 K39 and Sportflex Super X 720 K41 and how these athletic surfaces can meet the needs of athletes.

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