In 2006 UEFA and MONDO started their fruitful co-operation to develop futsal systems for highlevel competitions. In Lubiana, we unveiled together the new Fast Claw futsal system.

"The beauty of futsal is it gives players the perfect chance to demonstrate their speed, skills and technical ability. Fundamental to this, is having a surface which allows them to perform to the highest level possible, with a pitch that is fast yet supportive, and provides suitable grip.

We have worked with MONDO on a number of occasions, for both UEFA Futsal EURO and UEFA Futsal Cup Final tournaments, so we are confident in their ability to deliver the necessary results. The tournaments we organise include some of the world’s best players so it is important we are confident in the quality of the surface and also we are constantly seeking feedback from the teams in regards to how things can be improved.

We are closely working with the MONDO team and the Slovenia Football Association, who are the tournament hosts, at a logistical level. Technicians from MONDO have been present to offer constant support, such has helping to set up the playing surface and making sure it remains in the best possible condition throughout the tournament.

It is also important for us to develop a pitch that fits in with the brand identity and values of the competition. For this edition, we have been delighted with the numerous positive comments on the new blue-green livery, eye-catching for the spectators in the arena and for those watching around the world."

Laurent Morel, Senior Futsal Competitions Manager

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