Year of renovation: 2007
Duration of work: 4-6 weeks
People using weekly: 150/250
Total cost of renovation: $1.3 Million 
Number of Sport: 6 sports (indoor)

Sport Architecture

 Beginning in 1984, the relationship between Mondo and the Cornell College has been renewed again in 2007, when the university decided to restructure its sports facilities. A favorite choice based upon the quality of the products and the support offered by the Icompany.


From Mondo to Mondo

In 2007, the Cornell College decided to renovate the Richard and Norma Small Multi-Sport Center, with a total investment of $ 1.3 million. When it came to choosing the type of flooring to be used for playing fields and in particular, for the indoor track athletics, it was decided to continue the collaboration with Mondo. In 1984, Mondo had installed the old running track. "After 23 years of continuous use, the indoor track arena had lived his life. We also looked at other types of indoor tracks, but in the end we decided to stay with Mondo, convinced by the previous positive experience and the support offered by the company, "recalls Dick Simmons, Associate Director of Athletics for Cornell College. In particular, performance and durability are guaranteed by the Mondo flooring have been decisive in the choice. 

A fast track with shock absorption

As for the indoor track athletics, it was decided to install the Mondo Super X Performance surface. "We chose this type of flooring in the first place because the surface is fast. It also allows you the right energy absorption, which helps to reduce the number of accidents for those athletes who often use the track. Another feature we liked is its durability, "said Dick Simmons. Installed in 2007, the track did not disappoint expectations, becoming one of the fastest in the Midwest, including those indoor 200m. "The track allows for good times and prevents injuries due to excessive workout (stress fractures), a quality which we had enjoyed with the old Mondo track. Another important factor: the new track helps us in recruiting student-athletes. "The track is constructed in purple, while the playing fields are gray or silver which are the colors of the Cornell College athletics. 

The durability factor

Within the athletic arena that houses the indoor track, Mondo has installed the Sportflex for four playing fields which, depending upon your needs, can be used for games of basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton and floor hockey . In addition to the characteristic of being a multipurpose surface, the Sportflex surface has been chosen for other important factors, including the low cost of its life cycle, the environment and, most importantly, its durability. "Just the durability of the Mondo surfaces has been instrumental in helping us to choose Mondo Sport Impact for the weight room," said Dick Simmons. 

The moisture problem

 The biggest problem that the new flooring installers have had to face was moisture. "The old track came off very easily, since it became unglued. The main task was to apply a sealant to the concrete slab to help solve moisture problems that we've seen because the water from the aquifer, it is filtered through the concrete, "says Dick Simmons. The moisture of a cement barrier should never exceed 2.5% according to DIN standard. If you exceed these levels, it is often necessary to install a vapor barrier under the concrete floor to protect it from the water present in the soil. When it has to do with an old structure, it is essential to verify the existence and condition of the barrier, cracks allow moisture to penetrate through the concrete slab producing bubbles and instability of the surface. A simple test of moisture may not be sufficient, while the holes and the extraction of some samples from the subsoil allow for a more reliable test.

The right adhesive

 Besides the choice of the type of moisture barrier, another important decision to be taken concerns the type of adhesive. In order for adhesives to work, you must make sure that the porosity of the concrete is adequate. If it has a smooth surface, similar to marble, then the adhesive may not work. During a renovation, you often find yourself dealing with the old adhesive used in the previous installation, which must be removed. The removal must be carried out mechanically and not chemically. If not removed, in fact, may counteract the effectiveness of the new adhesive, to the detriment of the durability of the new surface.

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