Duration of works: from September 2012 to January 2013
Center activities: running, high jump, long, triple, shot put, javelin, hammer, hard. Rugby Field
Paved area: approximately 5200 square meters
Users of the track: approximately 500 per week

Sport Architecture

After a massive renovation, in which Mondo has played a key role, back to life is one of the most important sports facilities of Liguria. Thanks to Mondotrack, athletes of Fontanassa can now enjoy not only breathtaking views, but also a surface of the highest level.


A track with a view of the sea

Located on a hill with a beautiful view of the sea, the Fontanassa athletics facilty has always been a strategic facility for the province of Savona and throughout Liguria, thanks to its central position at both ends of the region. Used by CUS Savona, from Athletics Arcobaleno Savona and Savona Rugby, as well as a large number of recreational athletes, the facility has recently undergone a major redevelopment, needed to remedy years of neglect. "The original plan of renovation started in 2000, but it took 12 years for it to complete the full realization of the work. One of the biggest problems to overcome was getting the funding of the project, "recalls David Cosentino, Area Manager of Mondo Sports & Flooring. The completion of the renovation was completed with the installation of the new running track supplied by Mondo, but the company has played a primary role in the whole process of rehabilitation that has given new life to a unique sports center. "Athletes who use the track have great views of the sea, as well as enjoy a sort of natural backdrop thanks to a hill located behind the sports center," said the architect Stefano Longhi, designer and construction manager.

Critical situation

Before the intervention of redevlopment, the facility showed a long series of structural problems. The old athletic track, for example, was in a state of complete deterioration of the surface layer, where in some places had  disappeared: a potential danger for athletes. "The old track dating back to 1983. It featured huge failures, up to 30 cm, and some gashes. All the asphalt has been removed and the curbs redone, everything has been leveled and the new Mondo surface was installed. The makeover was complete and involved both the construction work that those techniques, "said Marco Mura of CUS Savona, technical director of the facility. The center oval of the track was not the only area to be renovated.. The north bezel dedicated to the high jump, for example, was uneven, with the wrong slopes required by the IAAF regulations. "One of the most important concerns of the right bezel. Also there was a problem of subsidence of the ground, in particular in correspondence of the departure of 200m, a problem of maintaining the linearity of the track, due to the nature of the substrate," recalls Stefano Longhi. Two other major problems, addressed and resolved, concerned the drainage system that was insufficient, and the lack of alignment between the running track and the playing field.

Coplanarity problem

Given the conditions of the facility,a profound renovation was the only way to ensure the track and runways were in accordance with National FIDAL Regulations, as well as functional and safe for athletes. Before installing the new track it was necessary to remove completely the track, the curbs and all existing sports surface. One of the problems that required particular attention was the leveling of the playing field and athletics track. After careful analysis, which also took into account the economic aspect of the operation, it was decided to move soil from within the field, thus increasing the height  to the same level for alignment between the two elements. "Once we constructed the oval, in some places the height difference would be important, up to 40/45 cm. In these conditions they would not have been able to have competitions for discus, javelin, hammer. The renovation was very problematic because the natural terrain was not available in the province of Savona and had to be transported from the province of Cuneo. The material chosen material had special features required by the agronomists of the town, with whom  studied the suitable locations for the irrigation system and the quality of arable land, "says the architect Longhi.

Besides the track, the remake of the runways

Two years prior to the work that led to the redevelopment of the final Fontanassa sports center, Mondo had already renovated part of the facility. "Mondo had completed two renovations to the cage for discus and hammer. One year later it renovated the runways for the long and the triple, "recalls David Cosentino. The total renovation of the facility allowed for the completion of the project, resolving two problems that could have created problems for the approval of the runways: the slope of the plane, contrary to the applicable provisions of FIDAL, and the addition of drain for  the water. The work also focused on the two platforms for the shot put, placed in the south side of the facility.  In particular, one of them was without a bezel and the drop zone coincides with the poles of the rugby field. This platform was demolished and the area covered with earth.  It was relocated on a new longer side, with metallic circle edging and platform toeboard.

Meeting of Savona and two runways

The athletic track center Fontanassa is used every week by about 500 people. Thanks to the efforts of Marco Mura, technical director of the facility, the center annually hosts a number of sporting events, among which two meetings of the international level. "The first is a competition for throws that over the years has achieved a certain notoriety; the second is the Memorial Ottolia competitions involving running, jumping and throwing. In 2014, in Savona there were ten organized events with the participation of over 2,000 athletes, "says Mura. "An important feature of the meeting of Savona is the use of a two approved runways: finding the center in a windy area, the 100m, 110 hurdles is always would run with the wind in your face, but thanks to the double runways, realized together with architect Longhi, the athlete can run even on the other side, "concluded the technical director.

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