New MONDO sports surfaces at the CNAR Ball Pavilion

There is a place that represents the dreams of every young athlete who wants to live, study and train with the best facilities and state-of-the-art sports equipment: we’re talking about the National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance (CNAR), in Mexico City.

In addition to being listed as one of the best High Performance Centers in the world (and among the 49 most important sports facilities in Mexico City), this centre houses a high-tech multipurpose sports pavilion, considered a first-class facility for maximising the performance of the athletes who train here.

The pavilion's advanced technology is combined in perfect synergy with the technology of MONDO's sport flooring systems for indoor gyms, which has supplied two new surfaces here: Vinylsport M and Fast Break System, ideal in terms of quality and characteristics for a multifunctional space such as this.

From training to official matches: a facility built for athletes

The CNAR accommodates over 500 athletes. 80 per day in the Ball Pavilion alone for basketball, handball and trampoline gymnastics: we are talking about a multifunctional venue that can fit up to 6 basketball courts, 6 volleyball courts, 6 badminton courts or 2 handball courts.

Here, athletes experience growth and the development of their talent, which translates into optimising performance and achieving the highest levels of sports performance.
It is a truly comprehensive area built around their needs, just like MONDO systems do: the pavilion houses a Biomechanics Laboratory for improving techniques and monitoring the correct functioning of bones and muscles, and a cryotherapy chamber dedicated to the athletes who are recovering from injury or training.

As well as being an excellent training centre, the pavilion is also the venue for official matches of the Premier Basketball League and the Metropolitan Handball League.

From training to competition, the Ball Pavilion can therefore be considered a reference point for athletes who aspire to be top professionals in the various disciplines practised.

MONDO sports flooring: for maximum performance of athletes

In order to replace the previous wooden flooring of the Ball Pavilion, two MONDO sports surfaces were chosen, each with precise characteristics adapted to the different sports functions: Vinylsport M flooring and the removable tile flooring solution, Fast Break System.

Vinylsport M gives you everything that a volleyball court needs: shock absorption and a quick response to the movements of players as they move around the court.

This is made possible by a multilayer PVC structure that not only complies with the performance parameters in accordance with EN 14904, but also combines the biomechanical potential of the different layers in a single surface and translates this into compressive strength and support for the decisive game play of the athletes. The compact surface layer minimises the risk of friction burns and ensures low slip coefficients thanks to its embossing. The surface pattern makes the flooring opaque and prevents artificial light from reflecting off it.

The same objective, but with different characteristics, holds for the Fast Break System. It is designed for basketball and is FIBA LEVEL 1 approved.

Here, in order to satisfy excellent shoe-court interaction, optimum ball rebound, perfect grip in fast changes of direction and elasticity during jumping, the system consists of a supporting layer of birch phenolic marine plywood and an elastic underlayment.

Another important feature of the MONDO Fast Break System is the modular system that allows it to be assembled and disassembled quickly, depending on the needs of the moment.

The combination of all these technical and quality elements goes hand in hand with the preparation of the athletes and literally accompanies them every step of the way on the court.

For the Mexican athletes of the CNAR, and for all other sportsmen and women who will have the opportunity to train on this type of flooring, this is a great opportunity that is confirmed by the words of Ana Gabriela Guevara Espinoza, Director of CONADE: "The advantage for Mexican athletes is that they will be able to train on a surface equal to those used in the most important competitions in the world. These are materials that are used in all international events and the message to our athletes who take this stage is that they are doing it on the same one that the best athletes in the world use".

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