The flooring chosen was installed by simply placing it on top of the wooden surface of the hall; used for the tournament and then removed, it proved to be the ideal solution for the complete success of the event.
And that’s not all: the same sport flooring will also be used during the Women's European Hockey Championship to be held in January 2022, in the same hall!

Vinylsport M: portable and safe sport sport flooring

Vinylsport M is a multi-layered PVC sports floor covering that, thanks to its versatility, is suitable for a variety of sports. Characterized by a surface with an embossed press-calendered wear layer in plain color or wood effect and protective treatment, the product is supplied in rolls, a feature that facilitates its assembly, disassembly, and storage in order to meet the needs of any travelling sports event or to ensure complete multi-functionality of the arena.
Thanks to its full dimensional stability and non-slip underlay, Vinylsport M can be installed with adhesive tape, without the need to glue it to the floor, while maintaining the floor’s performance properties. These features guarantee ease of assembly, disassembly and storage to meet the needs of any itinerant sporting event or to ensure complete multifunctionality of the building.
This was achieved at the Pazo dos Deportes Paco Paz. The sheets were fixed to the wooden floor of the sports hall with adhesive tape placed at the joints of the rolls (Vinylsport M sports flooring is supplied in rolls of approximately 20 metres in length and 180 cm in width); their dismantling and subsequent storage was carried out by the organisers of the sports event. For future sporting events, given the simplicity of installation, the organisers will set up the sheets completely independently, including the marking of the lines, which was also done with adhesive tape.
This is proof of the high functionality of Vinylsport M flooring as a removable sports flooring system.
The dimensional stability of the product also guarantees uniform performance during use: even though it is a removable sports surface, Vinyslport M guarantees high sheet stability, even during particularly demanding phases of play.
From a technical point of view, the Vinyslport M PVC sports surface has optimum traction values, thereby encouraging the correct rotation of the foot when changing direction: the compact surface layer minimises the risk of friction burns and ensures low slip coefficients thanks to its textured surface.
Dimensional stability and durability are ensured by the combination of the wear layer with a high-density, compression-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced layer, and a final layer of differentiated density expanded vinyl foam.

Spanish Indoor Hockey Championship

The competition, held in the first week of February, was attended by the top eight Spanish men's teams divided into two groups. Group A was formed by FC Barcelona, CD Málaga 91, CH Barrocás and RS Tenis Magdalena; and Group B was formed by SPV Complutense, CH Madrid Las Rozas, CH Carpesa and CH Alcalá. The final, played on 7th February, saw SPV Complutense pitted against CD Málaga 91, with Complutense winning 7-3 and being crowned champions.

Hockey: a Galician passion

The community of Ourense is a hub for both indoor and hockey in Spain, with many local teams promoting the sport, and the Oira Municipal Sports Centre, another centre of excellence for hockey, is also equipped with Mondo sports flooring.

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