The perfect combination.

MONDO professional grade artificial turf system combines Slit-Film fibers, SBR technical infill and Fine Tuned System® (FTS) drainage/performance pad.

MONDO continues to break new ground with its’ innovative systems designed for American Football. Our research and development team has engineered systems to accurately mimic natural grass. Our unique systems incorporate alternative infills and elastic pads that insure a more uniform and stable field that reduces injuries and guarantees consistent Gmax over the life of the field.

Slit-film Last generation fibrillated fiber

Slit-film, with a reduced fibrillation pattern and a new polymer, is the new generation fiber that provides durability, performance and playing characteristics similar to natural grass. An exact sequence of long and wide length cuts improves the aesthetic of the grass field while greatly increasing the durability of the fiber. The fiber looks and feels like a monofilament fiber, but the turf withdrawal force is not compromised. A better molecular alignment and a straight line molecular direction provide dimensional memory and a greater capacity of recovery. The new molecular structure contributes to the durability and the performance of the fiber; the fiber feels soft and has a greater elastic memory that ensures that it will retain its appearance and will not deform even after many years of use. A new UV protector additive is also incorporated in the process of extrusion of the thread to substantially improve the resistance to atmospheric agents such as ultraviolet rays, safeguarding color and maintaining unaltered the technical characteristics of the turf system.

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Product Variants:

PF 3250 FTS K43 Classic


PF 3250 FTS K43 Classic

Yarn Height: 50 mm

Yarn Ditex: 10000 dtex

Infill: Sand & SBR

Elastic Carpet: FTS K43 - 14.5 mm
*Available with FTS K45 - 17 mm & FTS K55 - 23 mm


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