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Vinylsport is a prefabricated multilayer PVC sports flooring that comes in rolls. Its shock absorption values and performance parameters comply with EN 14904, making it ideal for indoor multisport facilities.

A multilayer structure that delivers perfect performance.

  • A. High density wear resistant vinyl layer
  • B. High density compression resistant vinyl layer
  • C. Fiber Reinforced foam layer
  • D. Dual density foam layer
  • E. Anti-slip backing

Vinylsport combines the biomechanical performance of multiple layers in one surface.

Its compact surface layer minimizes the risk of friction burns and its embossing guarantees lower slip coefficients. Vinylsport’s surface design gives the floor a matte finish and prevents glare from artificial lighting.

A combination of a compression-resistant layer and PVC foam reinforced with integrated fiberglass squares guarantee Vinylsport’s dimensional stability and long-lasting surface.

The variable density PVC foam optimizes shock absorption and offers a quicker response to medium- and high-intensity impact as it gradually changes shape.

Portable and safe.

Due to its high dimensional stability and anti-slip underlayer, Vinylsport can be installed with adhesive tape without being glued to the floor foundation and still maintain the same performance.

As a removable system, it can be easily taken up at the end of a tournament or training, carefully stored in a protected area and reinstalled when needed, including for temporary or touring events.


Product Variants:

Vinylsport 7 mm

Color Range

  • VM82
  • VM11
  • VM10
  • VM18
  • VM21
  • VM90
  • VM70
  • VM41
  • VM23
  • VM81
  • VM30
  • VM66


Thickness: 7 mm

Length: 20 m

Width: 180 cm

Weight: 4.5 kg/m²


  • FIBA Certificate of Approval for Synthetic Flooring Category, Competition Level 2
  • Approved by the Badminton World Federation
  • IHF Certificate of Approval for Synthetic Floorings


Brochure (view online)

Product Sheet

Specifications_Vinylsport (7 mm) R120320 (en)

Maintenance_Mondo Vinylsport (7 mm) R120320 (en)



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