Flooring for weightlifting areas and cross training

Flooring in the weightlifting area must be able to withstand the constant load of the equipment. That means it has to be tough and long-lasting.
MONDO rubber surfaces are ideal for areas dedicated to cross training and powerlifting.  We offer several resilient sports flooring products that ensure comfort and stability for the athletes and absorb the impact of barbells and free weights, limiting bounce.  When engaging in powerlifting or intense cross training, it is important for the floor to provide the support, traction, shock absorbency, and comfort that allows the athlete to train safely and push their limits
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Strength & Conditioning Products

We offer several different products that are excellent options for weight room flooring and locker room flooring.  Each of these flooring types is made from vulcanized rubber and features advanced technologies: 

MondoArmor Strength

Passion and performance.

MondoLift Pro Platform

Elevate Your Training

Sport Impact

Heavy workouts? No worries.


The base for growing a passion.


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