MondoArmor Strength

Passion and performance.

Our high-performance MondoArmor Strength flooring can provide support for intense training and weightlifting.  This flooring consists of three layers of vulcanized rubber; a top layer that is resistant against lacerations and abrasions, a middle layer that dissipates shock and stress, and an underlayer with Air-Cell technology that absorbs shock and provides energy return.  This flooring also helps reduce injury by providing stability and preventing the weights from bouncing around.

Building strength and speed means constantly outdoing oneself. That takes determination and discipline, and a solid, comfortable, secure base.

When winning is not enough

To exceed one’s limits, there’s MondoArmor Strength. It’s made up of three layers of vulcanized rubber: a wear layer to resist abrasions and lacerations; an intermediate layer to dissipate shock and stress from heavy loads; and a shock-absorbing underlayer with Air-Cell® technology to absorb impact and control vertical deformation and energy return. This triple-layered construction reduces the risk of injury by preventing weight bars from bouncing out of control. MondoArmor Strength is the ideal solution for weightlifting platforms and strength and conditioning areas.

Silent and impact-resistant

The extra-thick, multi-layered composition reduces impact sounds while providing superior shock absorption. MondoArmor Strength also boasts the best foot stability and comfort, and it has unsurpassed resistance to impact, tears, abrasions and cuts. 

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Product Variants:

MondoArmor 18 mm Strength

Color Range

  • ME10
  • ME04
  • ME07
  • ME21
  • ME17
  • ME16
  • ME12
  • ME14



Thickness: 6 mm

Length: 12 m

Width: 186 cm

Weight: 8,3 kg/m²

Tile Size: 91,4 x 91,4 cm


Thickness: 12 mm

Length: 12 m

Width: 190 cm

Weight: 12 kg/m²


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Product Sheet

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS_Mondo Athletic Surfacing Rubber Sheets (R042914) (en)

MondoArmor_Installation Instructions (R031816) (en)

Specifications_MondoArmor (6 mm) R091019 (en)

Specifications_MondoArmor Strength (18 mm) R091019 (en)

Maintenance_Mondo Indoor Athletic Flooring (R100219) (en)


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