400-micron thick polyethylene monofilament with semi-concave structure and three asymmetrical spines.

4NX is a polyethylene monofilament developed in collaboration with the Technological Institute of Aragon (ITA) and produced entirely by MONDO in its Borja factory.

The fibre's structure was designed to improve the duration and dimensional memory of the filaments, combining design and research of the raw materials.

The three asymmetrical spines act as tensile elements for the fibre. The optimized angulation improves the durability of the narrowest part of the thread, which is partially alleviated of the stress caused by the pressure exerted by an athlete or ball.

The fibre's curvature radius significantly improves resistance to wear due to tearing or friction, thus optimizing the mechanical tension.

The extrusion process of the 4NX filament uses a new type of low-density polyethylene, as well as an innovative polymerization method and a specifically designed catalysis process.

Thanks to the synergy between the structure and technical characteristics of the polymer used, 4NX has passed rigid stress tests and extreme wear simulations, which have demonstrated how the new lateral form of the ribbing and the chemical composition of the fibre improve the layer’s ability to recover and optimise its elastic and dimensional memory.


Mondoturf 4NX FTS/ Ecofill

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Mondoturf 4NX FTS / CLASSIC

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Mondoturf 4NX CLASSIC

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