Synthetic turf system that pairs semi-concave 4NX filaments with three symmetrical ribs with Monofeel filaments, with a straight, pre-fibrillated structure.

The DUAL system Mondoturf synthetic turf layers are created by combining the 4NX and Monofeel fibres, developed and manufactured by MONDO. By blending these two different fibres, DUAL reaches a density of 18,000 Dtex and combines the benefits of the monofilament with those of the fibrillated fibres.

The semi-concave structure with three 4NX asymmetrical ribs gives the turf a greater dimensional memory capacity: its resilience derives from an improvement in the ability of the fibres to return to their original state after having been subjected to the pressure produced through player-surface and ball-surface interaction, thanks to the three asymmetrical ribs and the new molecular orientation of the fibre.

The Monofeel filaments, with pre-fibrillated structure, simultaneously contribute to improving the turf’s technical function by holding the granules of the performance infill in place and providing excellent results in the Infill Splash Test required by the 2015 FIFA Quality Program for Football Turf.

All of the system’s filaments are made from polyethylene (PE) and are lubricated and treated with specific substances that make the product highly resistant to UV rays and to variations in weather conditions.