A patented performance infill made of thermoplastic rubber granules specifically developed for athletic applications.

Ecofill® Rebound is a patented performance infill made from extruded polyolefin granules, developed and manufactured by MONDO.

The granulometry and composition of Ecofill® Rebound have been studied to meet the requirements of athletic applications.

The thermoplastic elastomers provide the infill with ideal elasticity, reduced compaction, and outstanding durability, even in the case of intensive use, as confirmed by the results of the Test Lisport XL.

Ecofill® Rebound is produced with virgin and selected recycled raw materials that are free of heavy metals and potentially dangerous substances, as verified by its compliance with new REACH regulations, ensuring that it is not detrimental to athletes’ health.


Mondoturf 4NX FTS/ Ecofill

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