A shock-absorbing and draining prefabricated underlayment made from granules of post-consumer rubber that ensures an optimal and uniform elastic response.

The FINE TUNED SYSTEM® Shock Pad is a prefabricated  underlayment developed and manufactured by MONDO that provides shock-absorption and drainage.

It is composed of selected granules of post-consumer rubber that are treated and encapsulated with polyurethane resin and sandwiched between two layers of non-woven polyester fabric.

The durability and strength of the rubber ensure that technical and athletic performance remain unaltered over time.

The FINE TUNED SYSTEM® elastic underlayment optimizes the biomechanical parameters related to the shock absorption, vertical deformation, and energy return of Mondoturf’s synthetic turf, characteristics which are critical to athletic performance and safety.

Installation of the prefabricated rolls can be carried out using special fixing tape which ensures the uniformity of the under layer, thus guaranteeing a consistent bounce and roll of the ball across the entire field.

Providing drainage to the entire surface, the thicker FTS Shock Pads have grooves on the underside which facilitate water drainage even in the event of heavy rainfall.


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