The system is assembled by arranging layers of varying composition and elasticity on-site. Thanks to the combination of elastic under layer and surface finish, the system is able to respond specifically to the requirements of each sport, even in the event of intensive use and in multipurpose facilities.

The Multilayer technology applied to indoor surfaces makes it possible to pair the best elastic under layers with the most appropriate surface finish in order to satisfy the specific needs of each sport.

The interaction between the under layers and the surfaces is tailored to create the ideal combination for each sport, at any level. For indoor installations, MONDO offers complete systems: the combinations are constructed on-site according to the facility’s or the sport’s specific needs, with parameters that guarantee the perfect balance between duration and elasticity. The study of the elements takes into consideration the requirements of intensive and multi-sport use, and both resolves and considerably simplifies any potential installation issues, such as humidity seeping upward from the screed.


Zeta System

Wood becomes multifunctional.