MONDO athletics tracks are prefabricated, made with vulcanized rubber under controlled factory conditions.

MONDO prefabricated vulcanized rubber tracks offer all athletes — from amateur to professional — a uniform dynamic response and complete control over stride, rhythm and balance, which reduces energy expenditure during athletic activities.

In addition to improving athletes’ performance, the tracks’ uniformity contributes to reducing the risk of injuries; in fact, the more irregular the surface, the greater the stiffness of the athlete’s leg and the greater the risk of injuries related to the leg stiffness.

MONDO produces its tracks on its premises in controlled conditions, selecting the finest raw materials and continuously testing the surfaces throughout the entire production process to evaluate their technical characteristics and elastic response.

Venues with MONDO prefabricated tracks ensure athletes have a uniform biomechanical response over the entire surface, regardless of the climate or environmental conditions during installation.

Find out how a prefabricated athletics track is made in the MONDO factory in Gallo d'Alba.