UNITE thermo-bonded artificial turf surfaces

A thermo-bonding process that enables the fusion of the yarns and the multi-layer backing.

The yarns of the MONDO UNITE surface are fused to the backing through a thermal bonding process. The fusion of the two backings fixates the filaments and seals the openings created by the needles during the tufting process. The melting of the yarns and the multi-layer backing together is done without the use of binders or impregnating agents, such as latex or polyurethane.

MONDO produces the multi-layer backing used during the thermo-bonding in the MondoTufting production center by combining two types of backing.

Thanks to this thermo-bonding process, MONDO UNITE surfaces boast higher resistance to tearing, and  excellent drainage courtesy of the breathable backing. The surfaces are also 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.