MODULO Salto in alto

This module has been designed for high jump.

The landing pad has been sized according to track and field federation rules.


Sports equipment has to be moved to accommodate this configuration, so this module should be placed in supervised areas.


Minimum recommended dimensions of the module, including safety areas: 18 m x 26 m.



Sportflex Super X 720 K35 10.5 mm

Gama de colores

  • P10 (GR.3)
  • P14 (GR.3)
  • P85 (GR.2)
  • P18 (GR.2)
  • P31 (GR.2)
  • P06 (GR.2)
  • P58 (GR.1)
  • P30 (GR.1)
  • P123 (GR.4)
  • P124 (GR.4)
  • P105 (GR.1)
  • P125 (GR.4)
  • P122 (GR.1)
  • P121 (GR.4)
  • P115 (GR.3)

Informaciones de dimensiones

Espesor: 10,5 mm

Longitud del rollo:

Ancho del rollo:

Peso: 9.0 kg/m²


  • Greenguard Certification
  • Greenguard Gold Certification


Brochure (view online)

Ficha de producto

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS_Mondo Indoor Rubber Track Surfacing (R042914) (es)

Installation and Painting Manual_Mondo Indoor Rubber Track Surfacing (R021717) (es)

Maintenance_Mondo Indoor Track Surfacing (R110619) (es)

Specifications (Indoors)_Super X 720 (10,5 mm)_K35 (es)


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