Athletics tracks: how to respond to athletes' needs

Starting with its first Sportflex™ surface, introduced in the 1970s, MONDO's history has been inextricably linked to that of sports.

Mondo has been chosen 12 times in a row by the organisational committees of the Olympic Games to be the official supplier of the athletic tracks: from Montreal 1976 to Tokyo 2020.
Every one of the more than 270 world records achieved on MONDO tracks, during the most important international athletic events, was a thrill shared by all those who, over the years, have contributed to improving the quality and performance of the athletic surfaces. (Data source: World Athletics). Mondo's prefabbricated tubber surfaces are a tale of challenges overcome, objectives met, and milestones achieved, while working to raise the bar of performance through close collaboration with athletes and international federations

Mondo and World Athletics: together in the name of sports

Mondo is proud to have contributed to the growth of athletics together with World Athletics of which it has been a partner since 1987.
This collaboration, with one of the most important athletic organisations in the world, has made it possible to improve performance standards and increase its focus on the quality and safety of athletic tracks.
Today Mondo surfaces and equipment are World Athletics certified products and are used in the most important international competitions, like the World Championships.

World Athletics World Championships

  • 1987 Roma – Italia - 28 agosto - 6 settembre – Stadio Olimpico
  • 1995 Göteborg Svezia Svezia 5 - 13 agosto Ullevi
  •  1997 Atene Grecia Grecia 1º - 10 agosto Olympiakó Stádio
  •  1999 Siviglia Spagna Spagna 20 - 29 agosto Estadio Olímpico de la Cartuja
  •  2001 Edmonton Canada Canada 3 - 12 agosto Commonwealth Stadium
  •  2003 Saint-Denis Francia Francia 23 - 31 agosto Stade de France
  •  2005 Helsinki Finlandia Finlandia 6 - 14 agosto Olympiastadion
  •  2011 Taegu Corea del Sud Corea del Sud 27 agosto - 4 settembre Stadio di Taegu
  •  2013 Mosca Russia Russia 10 - 18 agosto Stadio Lužniki
  •  2015 Pechino Cina Cina 22 - 30 agosto Stadio nazionale
  •  2017 Londra Regno Unito Regno Unito 4 - 13 agosto Olympic Stadium
  • 2019 Doha Qatar Qatar 27 settembre - 6 ottobre Stadio internazionale Khalifa

World Athletics Indoor World Championships

  • 1985 Parigi – Francia 18 - 19 gennaio Palais Omnisport de Paris-Bercy
  • 1987 Indianapolis – Stati Uniti - 6 - 8 marzo – Hoosier Dome
  •  1991 Siviglia Spagna Spagna 8 - 10 marzo Palacio Municipal de los Deportes San Pablo
  • 1993 Toronto Canada Canada 12 - 14 marzo SkyDome
  •  1995 Barcellona Spagna Spagna 10 - 12 marzo Palau Sant Jordi
  • 1997 Parigi Francia Francia 7 - 9 marzo Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy
  •  1999 Maebashi Giappone Giappone 5 - 7 marzo Green Dome Maebashi
  •  2001 Lisbona Portogallo Portogallo 9 - 11 marzo Pavilhão Atlântico
  •  2003 Birmingham Regno Unito Regno Unito 14 - 16 marzo National Indoor Arena
  •  2008 Valencia Spagna Spagna 7 - 9 marzo Palau Luis Puig
  •  2010 Doha Qatar Qatar 12 - 14 marzo ASPIRE Dome
  •  2012 Istanbul Turchia Turchia 9 - 11 marzo Ataköy Athletics Arena
  •  2014 Sopot Polonia Polonia 7 - 9 marzo Ergo Arena
  • 2018 Birmingham Regno Unito Regno Unito 1º - 4 marzo Barclaycard Arena

World Athletics has recently renewed its partnership with Mondo as the OFFICIAL TRACK SUPPLIER until 2024.

Collaboration and improvement continue.

Athletics tracks created for athletes, with athletes

Athletes are involved in the design of Mondo tracks starting from the very first stages of development. The objective is to create running tracks that are designed to respond to athletes' real needs, helping them to improve their personal performance and, at the same, ensuring their safety and comfort.
A recent example of this commitment is the Human Perception Test” conducted by Mondo with the Italian Sprinters Team in Turin to verify the quality of the surfaces for high intensity and interval training. Mondo got 6 Italian athletes involved: Federico Cattaneo, Massimiliano Ferraro, Davide Manenti, Diego Marani, Diego Aldo Petterossi, and Wanderson Polanco.
The athletes completed a thorough range of physical activities on 4 identical lanes in terms of appearance and size, each one made with a different synthetic surface, covering the full range of shock absorption permitted by World Athletics, from 35%  to 48%.
The blind test and the feedback of the 6 Italian athletes produced data that confirmed the intended use for which the different surfaces were designed.

Performance driven development

Mondo 's research focused on creating surfaces which were designed and made to enhance the level of athletic performance.
The philosophy of "performance driven" development has the objective of providing each athlete with the best conditions and performance according to the track's different intended uses.
Mondo's range of products includes various solutions, created depending on the requirements of the specific types of facilities and on the requested features.
All of the athletic tracks meet the performance requisites specified by World Athletics and adhere to European regulation EN 14877:2013 regarding track surfaces.

High level competition tracks

The official track of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, MONDOTRACK WS (World Series) (link prodotto) is the Mondo athletic track created specifically for high level competition facilities.
It is the product which elevates Mondo's performance to the highest levels, bringing together the most advanced patented product technologies.
The track guarantees 38% shock absorption, is 13.5 mm thick, and is suitable for 12 mm long nails (6-9 mm recommended).
The upper layer integrates the innovative TY Granules , designed to optimize the deformability of the track and thus enhance the return of energy in the pushing phase, while guaranteeing the shock absorption values.
The non directional superficial embossing provides 20% greater surface drainage as compared to the previous version of MONDOTRACK and to all of the versions of Sportflex Super X. This ensures the highest level of grip and slip resistance, permitting the use of gradual compression nails in all weather conditions.

Training and competition tracks

Sportflex Super X 720 K39 is a surface that was specifically designed for competitions and training and which guarantees the perfect combination of shock absorption, vertical distortion, and energy return.
This athletic track combines the lower layer of MONDOTRACK WS, made up of air-filled hexagonal cavities, surrounded by veining, with the surface layer unique to Sportflex Super X, which guarantees incomparable elasticity and heightened resistance to nails.
The minimum guaranteed shock absorption is 39%, in accordance with the World Athletics parameters. The track is 13.5 mm thick and is suitable for 12 mm long nails (6-9 mm recommended).
The track can be installed in combination with Sportflex Super X 720 K41- which provides greater shock absorption and comfort, but the same biomechanical behaviour - dedicating this surface to areas used for athletic exercises and intense training.

Athletics tracks for intense professional training areas

Tested in collaboration with the Italian Sprinters team in Turin, the Sportflex Super X 720 K41 track is the only track in the world designed to respond to the specific needs of intense professional training.
In fact, professional athletes prefer to do their interval and high intensity training on a more comfortable version than the competition track.
With a shock absorption coefficient of 41% , the surface ensures greater comfort and is designed to be installed in combination with the Sportflex Super X 720 K39 training and competition track, with which it shares the same biomechanical behaviour. It is 15 mm thick and suitable for 12 mm long nails (6-9 mm recommended).
The track can also be installed within a facility that is already in use as a surface for intense exercises.

Athletics tracks for junior, scholastic, and amateur

Sportflex Super X 720 K35  is the Mondo running track for junior, scholastic, and amateur athletics. In fact, its preferred intended use is for high schools, recreational facilities and parks, and playing fields.
This surface is perfect for those who are just getting started in athletics because it ensures the utmost safety and balanced comfort.
In the World Athletics regulation tests, it demonstrated a guaranteed minimum shock absorption of 35%, 15 points more than most competitors' 10 mm thick products. The track is 10 mm thick and suitable for 9 mm long nails (6 mm recommended).

Running, multi-sport, and leisure time tracks

Mondo offers two solutions for the world of running and light training.
The first is Sportflex M, which has inherited the surface characteristics and the benefits of vulcanised rubber from the athletic world, for optimum grip and maximum comfort, duration, and drainage.
Meanwhile, from the collaboration with Nike, comes MondoRun, designed to meet the needs of those who run for pleasure while also respecting the environment.
The surface is produced with Nike Grind, derived from recycled materials that have already been selected by Nike and which do not contain any chemical that could be potentially harmful to one's health or to the environment. It is GREENGUARD Gold certified, the highest North American standard for products made for children or for sensitive individuals.
The result of Mondo 's research and Nike Grind is a comfortable and high performance running track that has a lower environmental impact than asphalt and is safer and cleaner than dirt tracks.