Michael Johnson Performance chooses Mondo

Multiyear partnership reunites Mondo and Michael Johnson, who set world records and won Olympic gold on Mondo tracks


Michael Johnson Performance has chosen MONDO sports flooring to elevate the athletic training offered at its world-class facility.

As part of the multiyear partnership, Mondo, the leader in sport track innovation and expertise, is providing its Mondotrack WS and Sportflex Super X 720 track surfaces as well its MondoLIFT Pro Platform System for the MJP weight room.

Founded by Michael Johnson, who set five world records and won four Olympic gold medals and five world championships on MONDO tracks, MJP is a world leader in athletic performance training. It provides programs to young athletes, ages 6 to 18; offseason training programs for professional athletes in all major sports; and consulting services to professional teams and Olympic committees around the world.

"I have many memories of performing on Mondo tracks at the Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games," Johnson said. "The consistency of the Mondo surface gave me even more confidence in my ability to perform my best and set records. I am pleased to have Mondo surfaces at Michael Johnson Performance to help us inspire the next generation of great athletes to record-setting performances."

Mondo's state-of-the-art tracks offer superior shock absorption and optimal energy return. Their blend of speed and comfort minimize the occurrence of injuries, making them ideal for MJP's high-level training programs.

Designed to help athletes perform their best and chosen as the official track of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Mondotrack WS guarantees a uniform dynamic response across the entire track, minimizing the need for athletes to adjust their posture while running, thereby reducing fatigue.

For facilities with areas dedicated to conventional training and competition, Sportflex Super X 720 is the perfect solution because it guarantees a shock absorption coefficient of 39% and meets World Athletics performance criteria.

Mondo's MondoLIFT PRO Platform System combines a microbial resistant, prefinished hardwood insert by Praters with drop zones made from Mondo's nonporous vulcanized rubber. The Drop zone subfloor includes patent-pending dampening foam technology that reduces sound and weight rebounds, providing athletes with a safe, hygienic surface for weight training.

"Michael Johnson Performance is both honored and proud to be able to formally partner with a historic brand like Mondo," said Bryan McCall, MJP headquarters director. "The new surfaces in our facility have a superior look, feel and performance that is unparalleled for both athletes and coaches."

About Michael Johnson Performance

MJP was founded by Olympic gold medalist and Dallas native Michael Johnson to provide innovative training to athletes of all levels—from young to pro—based on years of research and scientific data. Headquartered in McKinney, Texas, the company is known for providing training and sports medicine services to professional athletes and Olympians from around the world, including in-season and offseason training programs, biomechanical analysis, and injury prevention programs for athletes to maintain superior levels of athletic performance.