Mondo excellence awarded by the American Sports Builders Association

Two facilities with Mondo track have won prestigious awards.


The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) announced the names of sports facilities highlighted to be examples of excellence in sports facility construction in 2020.
Gately Park’s Indoor Track & Field Facility with Mondo's variable banking track, equipped with Sportflex Super X 720 K35, was named Indoor Track Facility of the Year and was installed by Kiefer USA.
Sherbrooke University in Quebec, Canada was named Outdoor Track Facility of the Year; this track also features Sportflex Super X 720, and was installed by Carpell Surfaces.
ASBA, of which Mondo is a member, is a non-profit trade association comprised of builders, designers, and suppliers for sports facilities. Headquartered in Maryland, ASBA works to raise professional standards and to ensure that consumers receive services of the highest quality. As part of its work to achieve this goal, the association sponsors a certification program that permits experienced tennis court, running track and field builders to demonstrate their competency by completing an examination on all areas of construction. Annual awards are presented to facilities built by ASBA members that best exemplify construction excellence.
Mondo is honored to have received these awards