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MONDO professional grade artificial turf system combines 50 mm 4NX monofilament fibers and SBR technical infill.

Mondo’s reputation around the world in the sport of soccer is unmatched. Our systems conforming to FIFA regulations ensure consistent ball roll, shock absorption and vertical deformation. Mondo’s FIFA 2 Star fields around the world prove testament to expertise in this dynamic sport. Our unique ability of combining alternative infills and elastic pads provide superior player traction, while minimizing the risk of injury.

Monofibre 4NX: Designed to last

Maintaining the sports function over time of a synthetic grass playing field means ensuring the characteristics of the ball-surface interaction and reducing the risk of injuries. This is why Mondo designed 4NX, a monofilament that combines the exclusive shape with a greater thickness, for a greater elastic memory capacity. The tufts of grass quickly return to their original position after the pressure of the foot, and remain in an upright position at the passage of the ball, maintaining a longer time values and rolling rebound of the field.

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MF 4250 Classic

Informaciones de dimensiones

MF 4250 Classic

Altura de hilo: 50 mm

Dtex: 12000 dtex

Relleno: Sand & SBR

Sub Base elástica: -


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