An example to imitate

The indoor track Mondotrack of Padua has attracted the attention of many experts.


The installation of the new indoor track in Athletics continues in Padua:  an elevated track and removable in Mondotrack 13.5 mm, light blue and beige, as well as two platforms for the long jump and triple, and a platform for pole vault. The track, which will be completed later this month, work  has been done in a timely exemplary fashion, has attracted the attention from many industry experts. Particularly on October 31st, the site was visited by two important delegations: one representing the FIDAL of Friuli Venezia Giulia, composed of Mr. Demori (Gen.le Secretary of the Regional Committee), Arch. Roberto ( Homologator FIDAL and Pres Comm Reg.le ) , Arch. Lutman (Part Comm Reg.le ) and Ing. Fabris (Component Comm Reg.le ), a delegation from the Trentino region, composed by Geom . Since Ri ( Resp Imp Sport Municipality of Rovereto ) , Mr. Giordani (President Soc Quercia Rovereto ) and Geom. Baldessarini ( Homologator FIDAL ) . In addition, this was the Arch. Buccione of Rome, professional specializing in sports facilities and designers of various facilities related to athletics. To do the honors of the house, was Robert Franz ( Mondo track sector manager ) were Prof. Valente (President Fidal Veneto ), Arch. Bassi (Designer) and Mr. Sartori, representing the company awarded the work and business partner of the Mondo. During the visit, the guests showed great interest and appreciation for the track that Mondo is building in Padua , both in terms of quality of work of design skills.