Athletics returns to Genova

The indoor athletic stadium of the Fiera is reopening its doors, thanks to a structure with portable track with the Mondotrack surface.


After Palaindoor of Padua, opened December 21, 201, another indoor track and field facility is about to be completed: the Indoor Stadium of the Fiera, Genova. In fact, in this case it is a re-opening, as the palace of Genoa occupies a respected role in the history of Italian athletics.  It has hosted 22 editions of the Absolutes, from 1970-2008. The activities related to athletics inside the indoor stadium broke down when the structure was brought to Turin and Genoa subject to a complete makeover for the 2009 European Championship event . After the continental event, the property came into the warehouse, where it remained until a few weeks ago. Thanks to the efforts of Fidal, Ente Fiera di Genova , Liguria regional and municipal administrations, the track today, with portable Mondotrack surface, returns available to accommodate training and competition . "I must just say that is returned to athletics Italian a valuable asset, which remained unused for too long, and sadly closed in a warehouse. After the northeast, Padua, and the center - north, Ancona, also northwest, in Genoa, will have a high-quality indoor facility allowing the development of a strategic activity for our movement, both for the base to the summit, "said Alfio Giomi, President of Fidal .