Davis Cup with a Mondo Surface

Tbilisi was played on Sportflex M surface.


From March 4th to 6th the Sports Palace in Tbilisi hosted the qualifying round of the Davis Cup that saw the Georgian home team against the Danish team. The matches were played on Sportflex M surface. The Georgian Tennis Federation has expressed its satisfaction with the performance offered by the Mondo surface.

To winner of the next round was Denmark.
Watch the video made by the Danish Tennis Federation

Specifically designed to provide the optimal combination of slip resistance, rotational friction, ball bounce, comfort and safety for all multi-purpose applications and outdoor tennis, Sportflex M is based upon the success of the  Sportflex Embossed surface. Sportflex M is a prefabricated surface synthetic rubber, composed of two layers, each with specific characteristics, vulcanized together to give life to a single product, without joints. Contrary to on site systems, the process used creates a molecular bond that avoids the risk of a subsequent separation between the two layers. The upper rubber-based layer is engineered with a coefficient of friction suitable for sports that require a high level of rotational movements.

The surface is not reflective improves the bounce of the ball and ensures an efficient rainwater runoff. The special formulation enhances the product's ability to withstand high traffic and frequent stress of multi-purpose environments. It is also suitable for light traffic with spikes. The substrate is constituted by a geometric construction, deformable in two dimensions, that provides cushioning and energy return. Example of Mondo's sustainability, Sportflex M includes up to 43% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials, and 6% of rapidly renewable materials.