FIFA 2 Star Certification for Mondoturf 4NX

In Portugal, the first field with the new Mondo fibers receives the prestigious award.

Great satisfaction with the first  Mondo FIFA 2 Star certification obtained for a soccer field installed with the Mondoturf 4NX 12 60 AS system. This is the soccer field in Pedrogão de São Pedro, Portugal.

The field has successfully passed the tests conducted by FIFA, satisfying the requirements of the FIFA Quality Program. This program offers an industry standard internationally recognized for quality and reliability in the areas that are most popular player: equipment, surface technology and services used for the game. The goal of the program is to improve the game and protect the players, clubs and associations by approving only products that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. If a product is tested and the test results are consistent with all standards, the product can be certified and get one of the FIFA quality marks.

There are two levels of FIFA certification for artificial soccer fields. The first level, FIFA 1 Star, is intended primarily for recreational, community and municipal courts. However, before obtaining the first degree of certification, it is necessary that the field exceeds a series of tests imposed by FIFA. FIFA 2 Star certification is to ensure that an artificial field fully reflects the standards of playability of a professional soccer field. The final FIFA and UEFA can be played only on fields FIFA 2 Star, for example. The development of such standards is therefore intended to meet the most stringent requirements of professional soccer and to ensure the highest levels of play and safety for athletes who use the field.