Mondo debut in Serie B

An innovative synthetic turf installed at stadium Romeo Menti Castellammare di Stabiae


The game of August 31, 2011, played at the Stadio Romeo Menti Castellammare di Stabiae, including Juventus and Verona Stabiae, not only marked the return of the bell in the Serie B team after 60 years of absence, but also in the onset of Mondo Series Italian B with its latest generation of synthetic turf Mondoturf NSF single-fiber 11 45 AE Star FTS. With the field of single-fiber Mondoturf NSF Romeo Minds has been FIFA 2 STAR certified in a very short time even though it was installed in 2009 and since then has received only routine maintenance. Castellammare di Stabiae field is the nineteenth Mondo field to have earned this prestigious certification, others are in Europe (Portugal, Greece, Holland, Cyprus, Germany and Finland), in Canada, New Caledonia and Morocco.