Mondo official supplier of Juventus

The new Jueventus stadium is almost ready. Inside are Mondo seats


Hurrah Juventus, the official journal of the Juventus team, is on the newsstands with an interesting interview with Maurizio Stroppiana president of Mondo Spa and Luigi Benedetto's CEO and managing director of Mondo Spa The Spa Mondofin company of Alba is in fact the official supplier of Juventus, which has developed and installed the seats allocated to the new stadium. An evocative geometric design, obtained using the contrast of black and white, trace the outlines of two samples, Gaetano Scirea and Michel Platini, who stand on the east grandstand, while on the north and south sides of the backs of the seats form the two stars badges. For this stadium, Mondo has not only provided the seats, but also the artificial turf on the sidelines and all resilient flooring, including the flooing of the locker rooms and gyms. Having contributed to this project "is a source of great pride - says Stroppiana to Hurrah  Juventus - because this is the most important project in Italy and among the most important in Europe." "Also - Benedetto adds a personal basis - the sentimental aspect is that, as far as I'm concerned, is very strong. Do you think that as a child, at the time of Sivori, Cuneo went to see the training of Juventus."