Mondo to the UEFA EURO 2016

UEFA EURO 2016: action , competition, challenge to be enjoyed in comfort and safety on Mondo seatings


Mondo once again the star of a great event! Mondo installed 50,000 G2007 seatings Novanta/ 35 and 1,100 VIP seatings at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille which will host one of the next semin-finals for the  European Soccer Championship on July 7th. In Saint Etienne at the Stade Geoffroy - Guichard, Mondo installed 20,000 seatings Novanta/5 and G2007 in addition to the players' seatings. The Italian fans supported their Team during their sport preparation at "Le Stade de la Mosson " in Montpellier, renovated with 40,000 seatings Novanta/5 and Novanta/35 . Discover all the Mondo Seatings Systems which provide the highest levels of comfort, design and durability on