Tenerife is preparing to host the 18th edition of the Women's World Basketball Cup, organized by FIBA ​​and FEB. From 22-30 September, top 16 teams from four continental confederations will be engaged in 40 matches in total. MONDO will be present at the event, because the halls hosting the games will be equipped with MONDO products: LED technology screens, FIBA ​​approved wooden floors, basketball, possession markers.

The official competitions will take place in two locations: the Santiago Martín pavilion (San Cristóbal de La Laguna) and the Quico Cabrera pavilion (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). For training, three other locations have been restored: the Juan Ríos Tejera pavilion (San Cristóbal de La Laguna), the Miguel Ángel Díaz Molina pavilion (Puerto de la Cruz) and the Los Realejos pavilion.

Here's what our company has provided location by location:

• Santiago Martín Pavilion

This will be the main stage as it will host both the group stage matches and the second stage of the competition. The pavilion can boast a large central cube with four MONDOLED screens and a motorization system that allows it to be raised and lowered according to different needs; two 12.5 square meters LED screens and a "U-shaped TV" at the foot of the field composed of several LED modules. Baskets are MONDO.

• Quico Cabrera Pavilion

This Santa Cruz de Tenerife sports hall, which will host the group stage matches, will boasts: a beech-finish MONDOELASTIC flooring (FIBA level 1), two 12.5-square-meter LED screens, MondoAthens basketball (FIBA level 1) and possession indicators with bright perimeters.

• Juan Ríos Tejera Pavilion

This pavilion of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, known as "Tenerife basket cathedral ", has already been equipped with two Mondo LED screens since last year. Both are managed with Mondoplayer and Mondovideo software. The pavilion boasts MONDO basketball and possession indicators.

• Miguel Ángel Díaz Molina Pavilion

This sports complex located in Puerto de la Cruz has been completely renovated this summer. MONDO supplied and installed a removable wooden floor approved by FIBA, basketball, possession indicators, MONDO videoscreen and perimeter lead boards.