Inauguration: 2007
Project: Frank Eppelmann
Realization: Global Speed Company


When fractions of seconds count, speed cannot be left to chance or a coincidence. In Germany, a project dedicated to speed was realized, in which Mondo was a participant.


An unique training

In the world there are many centers for trainers and training, but the centers specializing in athletics and speed are very few. Constructed in Germany by Global Speed Company, SpeedLAB is a complete training solution for professional sport clubs, that offers athletes an easy to use, systematic way to gauge athletic performance for optimal output at every training session in terms of speed, power and agility.
“The result is a unique offer for players and athletes to improve their performance by use of sophisticated measurement, analysis and training," says Frank Eppelmann, CEO of the Global Speed Company.

How does it function?

SpeedLAB is built around four elements: training methodology, software and hardware solutions, high performance professional equipment, and a qualified coaching staff. SpeedLAB works on detailed anatomical and physiological measurements, giving coaches and athletes clear and accurate feedback. With that information, training can be customized to help an athlete reach his or her goals. Performance data is logged into the system by RFID (Radiofrequency identification). The results are calculated with precision and displayed graphically so that both the athlete and the coach can easily evaluate them.
“We started the performance research in 2004,” recalls Frank Eppelmann. “Our Research and Training Center was finished in 2007. Using the models we had developed, we produced our own measurement technology. We then integrated premium training equipment and facilities from premium partners like Mondo and h/p cosmos.”
Mondo not only played a fundamental role in the realization of SpeedLAB with the integrating of the electronics into the floor, but: "We also needed an excellent surface for athletic performance including good traction for speed, power and agility," says Eppelmann. “Finally we wanted also an attractive floor. Mondo met all those needs for us."
In this project we used the Ramflex surface, but among the Mondo flooring dedicated to SpeedCourt, it's also worth mentioning Mondoflex II and Mondoturf. This last one is an ideal solution dedicated to soccer training.

An exportable solution

From the beginning, SpeedLAB in Mannheim (Germany) has worked with athletes from different sports, ages and performance levels. Athletes like David Odonkor of the National Soccer Team, Uwe Gensheimer, of the National Handball Team, Fanny Rinne, a Hockey Gold Medalist 2004 and professional golfer Alexander Rosswag are thrilled with our training system. "SpeedLAB clients and prospective buyers are mainly from professional soccer clubs, such as the Bayer 04 Leverkusen, but they can also serve other kinds of professional or amateur sports clubs, or sports therapy clinics," says Eppelmann.
One of the most important features that determined the success of the system is, without a doubt, that it can be transferred elsewhere. The SpeedLAB concept contains: measurement technologies (software, hardware, database), training Methodology (theoretical and practical know-how), training & exercise equipment. All of SpeedLAB's components can be transferred elsewhere. "We also provide full-service consulting and host an academy where coaches can come and train on-site for a week at the SpeedLAB," says the President of Global Speed Company.

The future

The goal of Global Speed Company is to improve athletic performance and to partner with athletes and coaches so they achieve their best performance and stay healthy. "In our database we can even integrate psychological, nutritional tests and other information. So SpeedLAB will continue to develop and bring out high quality training and technology for professional athletes today and into the future," concludes Frank Eppelmann.

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