The Stadium GAMC Parque de la Torre of Cochabamba was the perfect stage for athletic performance, when three continental records, 27 national and 24 competition records were broken during the 11th edition of the South American Games

The GAMC Parque de la Torre Stadium, equipped with a MONDO track, was the first Bolivian Stadium to be certified IAAF Class I to host International Competitions.

Alvaro Caprirolo C. Infraestructura Y Equipamiento Programa XI Juegos Suramericanos CBBA. 2018: "On behalf of the Autonomous Municipal Government of Cochabamba and the XI South American Games Program Cbba 2018 we are pleased to express our sincere thanks to MONDO for the manufacture and laying of the two tracks for the Athletics Stadium of our city.Those tracks were the center stage for the XI South American Games, accomplished with great success. I want to thank all MONDO Spa team for their commitment, support and collaboration - which was vital - to translate this great desire, to have two tracks certified by IAAF, complying with all the technical and quality requirements.
Once again, our gratitude goes to MONDO for contributing to the success of the development of the XI South American Games Cochabamba 2018.
All athletes that took part to the 11th South American Games  appreciated the venue and  commented positively the track."

 "I would like to live here in Cochabamba, to be able to train on this track every day".
Narcisa Landazuri, Gold medallist in women 100 m

“The track is very fast and the stadium is beautiful,” said the Panama’s Alonso Edwards after his championship records of 10.01. “I am surprised to see one of the best stadia in Latin America and I hope they put on another meet to come back.”

"This is the fastest track in South America, something to be proud of! I am talking with my Coach and my father to find a way to live, train and studyding here" commented Fernando Copa, Gold meddalist in men 400 m with 47"12.

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