Mondoturf 4NX FTS/ Ecofill

Take your game to the next level.

MONDO professional grade artificial turf system combines 4NX monofilament fibers, Ecofill® Rebound technical infill and Fine Tuned System® (FTS) drainage/performance pad.

Mondo’s reputation around the world in the sport of soccer is unmatched. Our systems conforming to FIFA regulations ensure consistent ball roll, shock absorption and vertical deformation. Mondo’s FIFA 2 Star fields around the world prove testament to expertise in this dynamic sport. Our unique ability of combining alternative infills and elastic pads provide superior player traction, while minimizing the risk of injury.

MONDO FTS3 SYSTEM: The perfect combination.

FTS3 is a system entirely designed and produced by MONDO: the fibers, the Ecofill® Rebound technical filler and the shock absorbing FTS underlayment are completely designed and produced in our laboratories and factories. An exclusive combination that ensures excellent sports performance and extraordinary technical functions on the field. Thanks to the optimized dimensional memory of the 4NX monofilament, the turf allows the players to control the rolling and bounce of the ball, and maintains its characteristics over time. The synergy between form of the fiber and technical characteristics of the selected polymers increases the durability of the turf, both under stress and extreme weather conditions. The extrusion process integrates a new low-density polyethylene, to improve the softness of the fibers and prevent abrasions in case of player-surface contact. The patented Ecofill® Rebound technical filler, in thermoplastic granules, in addition to improving the resilience of the system, allows the athletes to perform torsion movements without strains and neutralizes the elastic effects of the traditional shock absorbing materials. The combined installation of the FTS shock absorbing underlayment improves the uniformity of the biomechanical response of the field, increasing the shock absorption, stability and energy return. It also increases the durability of the system and allows the use of turfs with reduced height fibers, reducing the amount of filler required.

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Variantes de produit:

4NX 5250 FTS K43 Ecofill

Information des dimensions

4NX 5250 FTS K43 Ecofill

Hauteur du velours: 2 "

Dtex: 12000 dtex

Remplissage: Sand & Ecofill

Sous-couche élastique: FTS K43 - 14.5 mm


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