High Jump Landing Area 6,00 x 4,00 x 0,70


Designed and manufactured in accordance with, and certified under, the Regulations of the International Federation (IAAF Certificate E-99-0196).

The landing area consists of several modules and a spike resistant mattress that covers the entire top surface.

The modules are made of four layers of foam rubber. The lower and upper solid layer is 70 mm thick. The two intermediate layers are equipped, on one side, with grooves of 250mm x 250mm square section. It is alternated with solid portions of the same size; and the two layers are stacked together with the grooves facing each other, in crosswise direction, in order to minimize the contact area.
The modules are covered with PVC-coated polyester and provided with zippers.

The spike resistant mattress is 100mm thick. It is covered with suitable spike resistant material that provides uniformity to the surface and better absorption of the first impact from the fall of the athlete.

Consists of 3 modules

Total dimensions: 6.00 x 4.00 x 0.70 m





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