Long / Triple Jump Distance Indicator WS


The jump distance indicator consists of a metal structure of triangular cross section made of three triangular parts, which are easy to assemble. It consists of six panels (three on each side) made of 3 mm thick rigid PVC foam.

Both sides of the panels are marked with a graduated bar (with vertical lines at 20cm intervals) and with the reference numbers for the long jump on one side (from 6m to 9m, at intervals of 1 meter) and for the triple jump on the opposite side (from 15m to 18m, at intervals of 1 meter).

After a degreasing treatment, consisting of a pressured phosphate bath, the structure is painted with polyester powder paint and polymerized at 200° C in an oven.



Color Range

  • RED


Long / Triple Jump Distance Indicator WS AT105
53 kg


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