Set of one-side autonomous shotclock scoreboards


Set of two possession shotclock scoreboards for basketball.

These scoreboards work independently and are not synchronised with the game time indicated on the main scoreboard. Therefore, when the game time clock located on the main scoreboard stops, the possession time will not stop and it will have to be manually stopped from the control panel. As there is no dependence with the main scoreboard, they can work alone or with any other type of scoreboard, regardless of the manufacturer.

Manufactured in a black embossing aluminium frame, each one has a total weight of approximately 10 kilos. It has a small handle on top for easy transport.

Its dimensions are 540 x 450 x 145 mm.

All the digits are red-colored and 30 cm high and made of high luminosity LEDs placed behind methacrylate sheets to be easily seen.

It also contains a horn that signals the end of ball possession.

The scoreboard comes with a MONDO control panel from which this scoreboard can be easily operated.

Communication between the control panel and the scoreboard can be done by cable (MMAPAC) or radiofrequency (MMAPAR), depending on the customer’s choice.


Set of one-side autonomous shotclock scoreboards MMAPAR (Radiofrequency communication)
Set of one-side autonomous shotclock scoreboards MMAPAC (Cable communication)

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