Everlay PROTECTION is a 4,7 mm thick stabilizing underlayment in rolls for sport flooring systems. It is composed of expanded PVC and reinforced with fiberglass, so it ensures enhanced stability, moisture resistance, high shock absorption and insulating properties. Its bottom layer is lightly textured with small embossed stems.  It has been specifically designed to be loose laid over existing concrete subbase.

Due to the outstanding performance of the Everlay underlayment, the system has excellent shock absorption for sport use at the highest safety level. The use of the Everlay cushioned underlayment guarantees the athletic performance of the system while providing protection against moisture coming from subfloor. It is a loose laid system, which significantly extends the product life. The underside of the Everlay has a series of stems in expanded resins that improve the overall stability of the flooring system.


MONDOFLEX flooring coupled on site with EVERLAY PROTECTION underlayment is rated as KA25% (P1) in accordance with EN14904.

This product has been rated Non Hazardous by external laboratory in accordance with the European Waste Catalogue. This means that it does not present a subrisk to public health or cause adverse effects on the environment.

This product has been certified in compliance with the following schemes and standards for Indoor Air Quality programs (Volatile Organic Compounds emissions):

  • French scope (2011-321): Class A+.

This product is designed and manufactured according to UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.

This article is produced in compliance with the European Regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals).

This product has been certified in external laboratory to be in compliance with Italian regulation CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria) following D.M. 11/01/2017.


The product must be stored and installed in appropriate conditions, including suitable protected premises at guaranteed minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity, as fully described in MONDO’s Storage and Installation Instructions.
The product must be used and maintained following the premises described in MONDO’s Use and Maintenance Instructions.

For additional product information, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet.



Everlay Protection 4,7 mm

Length: 25 m

Width: 200 cm

Weight: 1,9 kg/m²


Technical Warning Everaly Underlayment (en)

Everlay Everlay Protection 4,7 mm Technical Data

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